Weekend @ Acme 7/25

  Summertime Wine Dinner – Sunday August 10th HOME   NEWS   MENU   RESERVATIONS  CATERING  LOCAL  CONTACT 7/25     Greetings from Carrboro,   I was sitting in an apartment above Cliff's Meat Market the first time that I tasted a wine that I honestly liked. It must have been one in the morning. […]

Weekend @ Acme 7/11-7/13

  The 13th Annual Acme Tomato Festival! HOME   NEWS   MENU   RESERVATIONS  CATERING  LOCAL  CONTACT   7/10     Greetings from Carrboro,   My grandfather built contraptions. Mostly devices conjured from lumber, nails, and screws meant to save time or money or both. A good chunk of this energy was consumed by his […]

Acme Fundraiser 6/4

    Join us in supporting EmPOWERment! HOME   NEWS   MENU   RESERVATIONS  CATERING  LOCAL  CONTACT 5/29 Greetings from Carrboro, There are a lot of great reasons to live in a small town. Especially this one. And a substantial reason is the sense of place, of community. Acme is proud to be a part […]

Week @ Acme 5/19

  Beer Dinner with Triple C Brewery – Wednesday, 5/21 HOME   NEWS   MENU   RESERVATIONS  CATERING  LOCAL  CONTACT   5/19     Greetings from Carrboro,   My mother smuggled Coors into Charlotte. In her knitting bag. She brought it back on a plane from California. This must have been 1979. Or 1980. This […]

Acme Mother’s Day! Wednesday, May 7th

  At Acme, we  moms. Really. HOME   NEWS   MENU   RESERVATIONS  CATERING  LOCAL  CONTACT 5/5     Greetings from Carrboro,   Mother's Day is fraught with rampant anxiety. Like walking through a petting zoo of rabid, hungry lions. Naked. You must navigate the landscape very carefully. Think of yourself as a holiday ninja. With […]

ACME Message

  Pre-Header Teaser HOME   NEWS   MENU   RESERVATIONS  CATERING  LOCAL  CONTACT 4/24     Greetings from Carrboro,   There are signs. And then there are signs. And 2014 has definitely been a year where the latter has been in short supply. Because the last time that I checked, Spring is this thing that […]

Acme Sherry Dinner 3/12

  St. Patrick's Day is Monday, march 17th  HOME   NEWS   MENU   RESERVATIONS  CATERING  LOCAL  CONTACT 3/6     Greetings from Carrboro,   Call it fate. Call it kismet. Call it whatever you want. Some things are just written in the stars. But you want to know the funny thing? I didn't even […]

Acme 16th Birthday!

  Mardi Gras Week at Acme  -  February 26th thru March 4th HOME   NEWS   MENU   RESERVATIONS  CATERING  LOCAL  CONTACT 2/19   Greetings from Carrboro, Sixteen years ago today, Acme opened its doors. And that's a long time in this business. A long time. And people often remark with a degree of wonder […]

Snow Day in Carrboro 2/12

  The Acme Mardi Gras Extravaganza   February 26th – March 4th HOME   NEWS   MENU   RESERVATIONS  CATERING  LOCAL  CONTACT   2/12     Greetings from Carrboro,   The answer is “yes.” Well, not exactly. It's really more like a “Hell, yes.” Acme will be open tonight. Blizzard, schmizzard. Because that's what neighborhood […]

Mardi Gras @ Acme 2/26 – 3/4

  Elk Cove Vineyards Wine Dinner 2/26 HOME   NEWS   MENU   RESERVATIONS  CATERING  LOCAL  CONTACT 2/7     Greetings from Carrboro,   The Presbyterian South has its limits. Imagine a cultural white picket fence of sorts. Fish camps sit happily on this side of said fence. Next to sweet tea and pot roast. […]