Damn Good Wine


First and foremost, we think the wines on our list are delicious. Are they eclectic? No question — but, then, so are we. Secondly, we hand selected these wines from thousands of choices to go with ourĀ food, with this menu. All of our choices have the focus and intensity to stand up to the big flavors that come out of our kitchen every night. And each bottle listed represents that most subjective quality to us, value: the quality that ultimately makes the whole dinner experience better.

Equally important to us is that each wine is the result of the hard work and dedication of people. Actual individuals. Farmers and families and businesses and communities that are invested in making the best wine they can possibly make. Year after year. Our chosen wines are not the handiwork of multi-national corporations that crank out wine like it’s a soft drink. Or wines that are manipulated in an effort to make the wine taste like something else. These are wines rooted in the place where the grapes were grown and in the people who grew them — in the traditions of the culture and in the craft of the winemakers. These are wines that tell a story. And when you open a bottle, you become a part of that story.

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