48 CFM Turnips
2 CFM Leeks
3 CFM Beans!
5 CFM Peaches Blackberries
6 CFM Carrots
14 CFM Squash
18 CFM Zephyr
19 CFM Elysian
20 CFM Cane Creek-2
23 CFM McAdams-2
25 CFM Sunflowers
27 CFM Cathy-2
29 CFM brinkley-2
30 CFM Tomato Applause
34 CFM Pine Knot-2
35 CFM Kale
36 CFM Will
38 CFM Eco-2
39 CFM Crowd-2
40 CFM Chard
42 CFM Cilantro Kid
44 CFM Flowers
45 CFM Turtle Run
46 CFM Wild Hare
49 CFM Leah-2
ACME bacon2



Acme Food & Beverage Company is pleased to do business with such community-supported programs as The Carrboro Farmers’ Market and Core Sound Seafood.

We are proud sponsors of local events like Farm to Fork, Ackland Art Museum’s annual fundraising gala, and Terra Vita sustainable food celebration.
View an image gallery featuring Chef Kevin Callaghan at the 2011 Farm to Fork event.

It has also been our good pleasure to work with children in the Durham Public Schools through SEEDS, a non-profit community garden-based program.