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Greetings from Carrboro,


My father grew up in Cincinnati going to Reds baseball games. And he swore up and down that he was in his teens before he realized that the last two words of the national anthem were not “Play Ball!” For any and everyone, certain things just seem to go together. Right or wrong. And we like it that way. Take Easter and Brunch – a bona fide, natural fit. A homerun, if you will. Like Duke’s mayo on a BBQ sandwich! OK, maybe that’s just me.

And you see, I’m not convinced that it’s solely the obvious egg angle that binds Easter to Brunch. Though they do, admittedly, have that in common. Experience tells me the bond is something deeper. Because whatever it is, the tie that binds one to the other is STRONG. You want proof? It survived these oh-so-warm-and-cuddly Acme Holiday moments:

1) Serving rabbit. Yes. I swear. We did that. 

2) Cooking jellybeans in pancakes. For those of you playing at home – molten, gelatinous sugar + rabidly hungry children = very bad idea. Very.

3) Thinking that “Tequila Sunrise Service” would be an Easter sales juggernaut. Sacred cocktails? Not so much. Amen.

As this is our 15th Easter brunch, I’d like to think we’re over such holiday-centric pitfalls. Or pratfalls. We’re just going to cook. And do it really well. Locally sourced ham. Hot cross buns. Fresh strawberries. Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. And biscuits and waffles and omelets and doughnuts. Yum. Yum. By all means, reservations are recommended (919 929 2263). You might even call it a religious experience. Play Ball!

Speaking of religious experiences – are you sitting down? Yes, I mean you – Soft shell crabs arrive tomorrow! Beautiful, fresh soft shell crabs. The essence of Spring on a plate. Is there anything better than that? But we only have so many…

Well, that’s all the news from Carrboro. The staff at Acme look forward to serving you soon.



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