Weekend @ Acme 6/29 and 11th Annual Tomato Festival



Greetings from Carrboro,

Sometimes they come in Nike shoe boxes. Once, in a dilapidated suitcase lined with paper towels with the name "ED" handwritten on the inside. Some come in wide, plastic flats used to carry sliced sandwich bread into grocery stores. But most come in white cardboard boxes with handles that become less and less white as the summer progresses. The saved green pint containers are stacked on a prep table in the kitchen. With time, the stacks reach four or five feet, awkwardly swaying like some fantasy house in a Dr. Seuss book. Somehow, taking things back to the farmers’ market is a profound personal challenge. One of, well, many.

It’s tomato season at Acme. Red. Yellow. Orange. Gold. Striped. Green. Purple. White. But most of all delicious. Oh so delicious. And all from the Carrboro market. Seemingly our reward for living in this heat and humidity. Add housemade fresh mozzarella and deviled eggs and pickled zephyr squash and basil pesto, and the temperature drops a good 20 degrees. Promise. Summertime is a good thing.

And, yes, the Acme Tomato Festival is coming! With posters! The eleventh annual deep-fried, cross-eyed, absolutely tomato-fied belly flop into the juicy heart of summer in Carrboro is back. July 13-15. Not to be missed. 500 pounds of the best tomatoes anywhere – sliced, diced, braised, roasted, fried, stewed, grilled, sautéed. You name it. We’re doing it. Come taste why it’s so good to live right here. Right now.

Well, that’s all the news from Carrboro. The staff at Acme look forward to serving you soon.

The Staff at Acme

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