Wine Dinners

About once a month or so, Chef Kevin Callaghan likes to get together with his winemaker and wine merchant friends and throw a little dinner party. Always a great “insider” occasion to meet the people behind the scenes and taste very cool vino, these dinners also provide a unique dining experience and the opportunity to purchase discounted cases of featured wines. Be sure to sign up for the Acme newsletter to stay in the know.

2 Responses to “Wine Dinners”
  1. Bruce Baldwin says:

    When is your next wine dinner? We really enjoyed the one we attended last year. We might want to give a retirement gift to a colleague to attend.
    Bruce and Mary Ann Baldwin

    • Coaina says:

      Just thought you’d like to know we are having an Italian Wine dinner with William Davis of Winebow on Wednesday, October 9th at 6:30pm. $60 pp and here’s the menu! Welcome
      Zardetto Private Cuvée Brut

      1st Course
      Roasted beet, goat cheese, smoked bluefish, pecans
      Tramin Pinot Grigio

      2nd Course
      Shrimp & bacon chowder
      sherry, cream, sweet corn, benne seed crackers, truffle
      Corte Giara Merlot/Corvina

      3rd Course
      Guinea hen, sweet potatoes, keiffer pear chutney
      Allegrini Pallazzo della Torre

      4th Course
      Smoked pork belly
      wild mushroom, risotto, Calvander cheese
      Ceretto Barbaresco Asij

      Spiced apple sherbet
      pecan cookie
      Ceretto Moscato d’Asti

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