Salt & Smoke, November 8th

At the time, I had no idea what we were starting. None. We just wanted to have a party. Outside. Anna brought up a bunch of oysters from the coast. A bunch. I cooked a big pot of collards with pork necks and a few hotel pans of cornbread. It was late fall – early […]

Merry Edwards Wine Dinner August 6th

  I’m surprised there isn’t one endorsed by Mario Batali. You know, with Italian design and German craftsmanship. Ergonomic and colorful and expensive. I know they’d sell. Three different guys in the kitchen bring their own to work every day. And pretty much everyone else is jealous. No, it’s not an immersion circulator; we only […]

Acme Tomato Festival

July 10 -12 will be the 14th Annual Acme Tomato Festival. So, ladies and gentlemen, buckle up. It’s a weekend dedicated to our great local farmers and their oh-so-awesome tomatoes. We will feature these beauties in every color and shape and culinary guise imaginable. OK, maybe not every single one. But pretty damn close. Nearly […]

Wanderlust Festival to feature chef Kevin Callaghan

Acme’s own Kevin Callaghan will be the featured guest chef at the Wanderlust Festival – June 5-7 – in Snowshoe, WV. After festivals all over the world, this is the first ever Wanderlust Festival ( to be held in the southern US. Just think about it: two thousand people getting together for a weekend dedicated […]

Mardi Gras in Carrboro

Greetings from Carrboro, I was probably 11 when I got my first real taste of New Orleans. Not in any literal sense of taste. My college age brother returned from the Crescent City with two things: 1) a giant hurricane glass from Pat O’Brien’s and 2) a pair of glow-in-the-dark underwear that became especially scandalous […]