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We’re been practicing our accents all week

Greetings from Carrboro, It was like the man couldn’t hear me. His baffled expression melted my grown-up facade of coat and tie and proper professional seriousness – I had a briefcase! So I said it again, louder, standing tall in hopes of exuding street smarts. “Bagel with cream cheese and coffee with cream.” Then less […] Read more

Acme on the Patio

Acme is now welcoming guests for dinner and drinks on our brand new, lush, weather-proof patio oasis Wednesday thru Sunday 5:00-9:00. We are currently not accepting reservations. First come, first served.

Acme To-Go

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Our full dining menu is available via contactless pick up available Wednesday-Sunday 4:45-8:00 (order by 7:30) / until 8:30 on Friday and Saturday (order by 8:00).

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And as always, the staff at Acme look forward to serving you soon.