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Old School San Fran Staycation

August 6th, 2020 Greetings from Carrboro, Coors beer and croissants. That’s what my mother brought back from her first trip to San Francisco. The dinner table unveiling had the ceremonial air of Hemingway returning from a safari but with her 6-pack of stiff, slender cans of Coors replacing the water buffalo head. Later, she confessed to […] Read more

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Contactless pick up available Wednesday-Sunday 4:45-8:00 (order by 7:30) / until 8:30 on Friday and Saturday (order by 8:00).

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PHASE TWO: At present, Acme will remain open Wednesday thru Sunday for pickup only. We feel that this is the sincerest way that we can best serve this community and you, our neighbors. Over the next month, we will continue to work to develop a strategy for how to open the restaurant dining rooms that doesn’t compromise health or the great tradition of dining at Acme. And let me assure you that all of us at the restaurant would like nothing more; we miss our craft and each of you. More than you can ever imagine. So until we see a clear way forward, Acme will continue to be Acme To-Go. Five days a week. Hot and delicious.

And as always, the staff at Acme look forward to serving you soon.